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Sleep Paralysis.webp

Full design for imaginative NREM catalog - a sleep paralysis guide. 


ROLE: Visual Designer

Contact for .pdf

Creative Identity and Concept, Custom Typography, Collateral

I have suffered from sleep paralysis for the past seven years and it has drastically affected my life, art, and wellbeing. Sleep paralysis is a minor, yet common, body/mind malfunction that upwards of 50% of the population claims to have experienced at least once in their lifetime. This mail-in catalog and guide is an experimental typographical project composed of necessary tools to prevent from getting into this nightmare state while sleeping. The type is custom-made by me using ink, sponges, and paint. Graphs, the astrological moon effects on each item that's being sold, and all technics and ideas are all made up by me as there is currently no cure for avoiding sleep paralysis.
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