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Hej där! (It means ‘hey there’ in Swedish, yes, that's where I'm from) I'm Charlotte Uddfors, a Visual Designer based in NYC. I have more than five years of working experience in the field of design and have helped build, grow and run creative teams at start-ups. With a strong foundation in design and the ability to lead, I'm known to achieve creative solutions and brand continuity to any project I touch. My strengths lie in conceptual and creative thinking, branding, social media marketing, website design, and brand strategy. I strive to bring clear storytelling into my work and have been highly commended for being hard-working, detail-oriented, and a great team player and leader. 



Awarded 'The Best Plant Care App Designs by DesignRush' for Flori App Design Project 2023

Nominated to present my Honors Design Research Project on the main-stage Tishman Auditorium at Parsons in front of 100+ guests. 

Completed case study projects and workshops to get a view of how corporations make important decisions and handle crises. Tackled a series of business challenges related to marketing, logistics, and public relations that were presented to senior Goldman Sachs executives.

Beacon Conference Scholar recipient

Received recognition for academic achievements of outstanding students.

Received recognition for Senior Portfolio from Gail Anderson (Chair, BFA Design & BFA Advertising at School of Visual Arts) and professors for being a "Top Student."

Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship

Awarded while studying at the School of Visual Arts. The Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship is a competition awards scholarship strictly awarded on merit and recognizes the creative and academic achievements of applicants.

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